KCGB Soundtrack.

Music is an inspiration in my life and the motivation I look for to get the mood right, set my head, or escape. The following are links to music referenced in the book or otherwise stuck in my melon at the time of writing. All rights reserved to the artists. Expect this list to grow over time. 


KCGB the Book  Maria Wulf Hit Like a Girl Joy Scout This is our sister Joy Scout as she shows her stuff on the drums. Like and subscribe. In 7th grade, she committed to being a drummer. Maria Wulf Hit Like A Girl  2022  Get To It - Dave Weckl Play Along. 
KCGB the Book  Negative Creep Johnyy's Little Girl Kurt Cobain Bleach Record

This is the first known live recording of the song Negative Creep, performed in the UW East Ballroom in Seattle, Washington, on 02/25/1989. Our family believes Kurt Cobain is singing "Johnny's Little Girl " and alternates it with "Daddy's Little Girl" in effort to determine a preferance, being the first live recording, like a demo. 


KCGB the Book  Melvins band photo from single I Can't Shake It. Gearhead Magazine
KCGB the Book band Sloan Canada album Twice Removed song Penpals Kurt Cobain

The song Penpals from the album Twice Removed by the band Sloan was written and inspired by abandoned fan letters addressed to Kurt Cobain. Geffen Records thought they were the Canadian Nirvana but refused to promote this Album in the states because it did not sound Grunge enough. It has been voted the #1 Canadian album of all time on two occasions. 


KCGB the Book song Ventura Highway by the band America tribute song to Taylor Hawkins and his band Chevy Metal

America - Ventura Highway - KCGB inspired this tribute song to Taylor Hawkins and his band Chevy Metal. Let's go ahead and call this a double feature.

Foo Fighters Learn to Fly  -- Album-- Nothing Left to Lose, and my first intro to the singer Dave Grohl. I never knew he was the Nirvana drummer until Spud told me. 


KCGB the Book Foo Fighters song Congregation from the album Sonic Highways

The song Congregation by the Foo Fighters may have greatly influenced me. Ok, it did. The lyrics calling to 'open your eyes' and to 'step into the light' encouraged me to write this memoir in my own words, as I did, with 'no blind faith' or 'no false hope.' I stepped into the light and let my voice become the heart inside of me.  Maybe Dave Grohl is the voice of a generation.   


KCGB the Book song by REM named All the Right Friends.
"All the Right Friends" by REM is my go-to song when I am angry or have a negative thought that I must dance out of my head. Punch, dance and move is what this song tells me to do. It is also heart-telling to know that Kurt Cobain was sent a plane ticket from Micheal Stipe but KC never took the flight. 


KCGB the Book  Simon and Garfunkel + the Bangles Hazy Shade of Winter

The Bangles' -- Hazy Shade of Winter  a song that Kurt would appreciate and dedicate to his final visit with Mom. 

Simon and Garfunkel are referenced multiple times with each Kurt visit and are one of Mom's favorites. 


KCGB  Nirvana unplugged

Nirvana Unplugged is my favorite Kurt performance because you hear his voice. The emotion behind the chord changes is simple and understated as he hits another melody, blending chord and voice. Jesus/Sunbeam/Vaselines/Nivana/Kurt is dedicated to our mother and what Old Timer heard on the back porch. 


KCGB the Book Alan Parsons Project album Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Alan Parsons Project -- Tales of Mystery and Imagination is the perfect album to put on if you get writer's block. This takes me back to when friends passed a doobie, turned the lights off, put on the record, and spaced out to the references to Edgar Allan Poe. Nevermore, nevermore. 


KCGB Soundtrack  A Flock of Seagulls with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Space Age Love Song by Flock of Seagulls has been re-issued with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and is fantastic. As an '80s kid with M-TV influence as early as Video Killed the Radio Star. The lyrics reference, 'I saw your eyes, and it made me smile.' Such a perfect reference to Mom and Kurt's Pale Blue Eyes.