Kurt Cobain

The Boy From the Porch 

Kurt plays three roles in this memoir: Himself, Mom's visitor, and his feature role as The Boy from the Porch.  

Kurt Cobain: His life has been well documented over the last 30 years, so there is little left out there in the way of his legend to tell. The author discovered true-to-life information concerning his years playing Little League Baseball and some lesser-known facts about his arrests in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1985-1986. His mug shot is pasted all over the internet, but the truth about his arrests has often been overstated. Was he really spray-painting? What about the legend of Kurt striking out on purpose to displease his father playing baseball? The author found out Kurt was a better athlete than historians give him credit for, and the arrest was a red marker.   


KCGB photo Kurt Cobain Little League pinterest copy


Kurt Cobain, the Visitor: In the opening chapter of the book, Spring 1997, Mom drives to Seattle and shares with my brothers, Old Timer and Spud, about a young man who is coming to visit with her but needs answers from them to understand his story entirely. When I visualized Kurt in these scenes, it was when he wore the olive green cardigan sweater from MTV Unplugged. This best describes the appearance of his presence when he visits her in her room on multiple occasions.


KCGB the Book -- MTV Unplugged Kurt Cobain Krist Novoselic


Kurt Cobain, The Boy From the Porch: In the summer of 1986, Kurt knocks on the door, and Mom answers, asking to speak with her son. (Old Timer) Based on his age, (19) this photo taken from inside the "melvan" best captures his image at the time. This was the MELVINS time travel machine used to get back n forth to gigs when Kurt would take his turn at the wheel. 


KCGB the Book photo of Kurt Cobain sitting in the Melvins van, often referred to as the "melvan" This would be Kurt approximateely age 19-20.

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