KCGB the Book is based on our life in Aberdeen, Washington. Dad owned an 8mm camera in the '70s, so much media content is available to support this memoir. Over the previous decade(s), I smartly backed up any video tape I could find, any VHS recording, and anything friends and family would let me borrow. Out of this came some rare finds of natives of Aberdeen and Grays Harbor history.


KCGB the Book family video  Drinks with Grandpa

Link to family videos of our life growing up in Aberdeen, Washington, and our summers at Columbus Park on Black Lake, including drinks with Grandpa. Jump to the youtube playlist and check back for an updated landing page with notes and commentary. 


KCGB the Book video of Mark Bruener Rose Bowl TD  Aberdeen Washington Washington Husky Pittsburgh Steeler

1991 Aberdeen graduate Mark Bruener scores a TD in the Rose Bowl as a true freshman. After returning from a commercial, the camera pans in on Mark as he says hello to his Mom and everyone in Aberdeen. He then repeats, "Aberdeen Washington," Pretty Cool.  Mark is in the Aberdeen Hall of Fame. A national champion with UW in Football and played in a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 


KCGB the Book video Aberdeen Graduate Debra Larsen at Cal Poly Pamona.

Debra Larsen is a 1982 Aberdeen High School graduate and arguably the most outstanding athlete in Grays Harbor history. My brother Turk must have heard her name, stuffed a VHS tape in the VCR, and hit record until half-time. It became a Debra Larsen highlight show with the commentary. While she excelled at hoops, Track and Field were her specialty—link to a 1986 LA Times Article with more to her story.


KCGB photo Guy Bingham autograph NY Jets Aberdeen Washington

1976 Aberdeen High School graduate Guy Bingham was recently inducted into the Montana Hall of Fame. The interview is available on Youtube. Guy played for the University of Montana and professional Football with the NY Jets, Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Redskins. Here is a link to his entire induction speech. In 1981 my friend Tom Redifer and his father Bill took Gibby and me to the Dec 6th Game against the Seahawks. Guy's first snap had zip and went through the punter's hands. The Seahawks won 27-23. We got his autograph after the game. 


KCGB  John and Jack Elway Grays Harbor College Aberdeen Washington

TNT's special presentation "Before they were Pros" examines John Elway and interviews his family, discussing their time living in Aberdeen, Washington. His father, Jack, coached the Grays Harbor College Chokers football team, home of Charlie Choker. Go Chokes. Another Turk classic video pulled from a random VHS tape. Interestingly the footage opens by paying tribute to Kurt Cobain.  


Bill Murray Grays Harbor Loggers KCGB

 Bill Murray Saturday Night Live Special "Things We Did Last Summer" and his time playing minor league baseball with the Grays Harbor Loggers in the summer of 1978. They filmed at the historic Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam, Washington. My friend King was the club's bat boy, and many locals made the show. If you were in the crowd, enjoy the search. I sourced from a VHS copy I purchased on eBay. Here is a link to a great article on Fox Sports


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