Johnny's Little Girl and Kurt Cobain. 

My brother John, also called "Spud" (after the 1986 slam dunk champion Spud Webb), is a crucial contributor to this story. He was the first in the family to meet Kurt when his friend Nyquil came over one afternoon in the summer of 86, and they got high in his bedroom.  

KCGB the Book photo of John, Johnny, Spud standing near our cabin at Black Lake years before meeting Kurt Cobain.


Spud did not recall or figure out the other guy who came over with his friend Nyquil that day was Kurt Cobain until 2002 when this story started to come together. He is the first of the family to believe the Boy From the Porch was Kurt. One of the keys to jolting his memory is that Mom made him get a job at the Safeway that summer after she caught him smoking pot in his bedroom. By the end of the story, you will realize there is no way I could have made this up. If you think I did, thank you, I am not that smart. 

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Johnny also strongly believes the song "Negative Creep" from the first Nirvana album titled "Bleach" is associated with the events of that day. The memoir will direct you to an early recording, and you will get to make your determination. Kurt is known to make up lyrics, so determining the meaning of a song is really up to the listener. This song may mean more to us than we realize. 


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