KCGB the Book Movie Influences. 

As a writer, I cannot begin to tell you how often a memory from a movie captures the feeling you are looking for when writing a memoir. Or, if you find yourself stuck with writer's block, a film can create a picture in your mind, and the words will follow. Each movie is referenced in the memoir or influenced the author as I wrote KCGB.


KCGB the Book movie reference Pat and Mike Katharine Hepburn Spencer Tracy

Pat and Mike -- Katharine Hepburn hitting golf balls. Like Hep, mom was athletic and played a lot of tennis. Here is an excellent clip of Katharine hitting golf balls from the movie. Extended scenes of Hep playing tennis are not part of this clip but are worthy of a watch. If you have never watched the movie, I recommend doing so.   


KCGB  Atticus and Scout  To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee. This book is as strong of an influence could be when I think of our Mother. This was her go-to when speaking about a person's character. She referred to our sister Maria as her little Jean Louis "Scout," Finch and Pops was our Atticus with his wisdom and grace. Why would anyone want to ban this book? Maybe afraid to look in the mirror?


Spotlight Movie - KCGB Book Reference - Boston Globe

A central theme of the memoir is the conflict between Mom and the Catholic Church. With her front-row seat to the Church and its teachings, she must have been more than aware of what was uncovered. She spent five years in the convent before choosing a life with Dad. In the '90s, her ministry examined how the church followed up on domestic abuse. Betrayal. There were similarities. 


Jaws movie reference Bigger Boat KCGB the Book

Jaws -- released in 1975.  "You're gonna need a bigger boat."  This is one of the earliest movies I remember seeing in the Aberdeen Theatre. My cousin Chris V. does not remember, but I squeezed her hand the entire movie at ten years old. Twice in our lives, we needed a bigger house, so like in Jaws, Dad knew we would need a bigger boat. So that is what he did. 


Star Wars movie reference KCGB the Book  Luke Skywalker

Star Wars - A New Hope  The modernized original movie trailer from 1977 and the memory of Mom driving us to Seattle in the wagon to see the release on the big screen. We had to wait in line fore-ev-er. It is hard to find someone from this era who was not captivated by the Star Wars story and its impact on modern cinematography-- now, if we had just kept all the original action figures. 


Wendy Peffercorn movie The Sandlot referenced in KCGB the Book

Wendy Peffercorn and the lovable Squintz Palledorous movie scene from The Sandlot. The young boy cannot take it anymore, with all the lotioning and oiling, oiling, and lotioning. Squintz dives into the deep end even though he cannot swim and plants a lip lock on the lifeguard and his future wife—this magic moment. Perfect song placement. The memoir references Betties at the beach and our time at the lake.


Forest Gump movie reference Gale Force Winds KCGB the Book

Forest Gump movie clip - Hurricane Carmen. Lieutenant Dan and God have it out while riding the storm out. This is how I felt when Dad called me one year after Mom died in 1997 and told me he had advanced Colon and Prostate Cancer. I was going to have it out with God in the same way Lieutenant Dan had it out on the water. You will never sink this boat.   


Over the Edge movie refernced by Kurt Cobain book KCGB Over the Edge -- Movie Trailer.  One of Kurt Cobain's favorite movies. Real life happened in 1979 at Miller Junior High when a food fight irrupted. The lights went out, and the John Belushi-influenced Animal House fans yelled, "food fight," and the shit hit the fan. As Gibby, Rich, and I ducked under the table, food went everywhere. 
The Hollywood Knights referenced KCGB the Book  Newbomb Turk
Primetime TV lost its luster when Fonzi jumped the shark. By 1980 we had a subscription to HBO and a front-row seat to late-night tv. This movie caused me more trouble than any other but simultaneously created friendships that would last a lifetime. Newbombs 83. The Hollywood Knights movie trailer - 1980 HBO Late Night.  Good clean American kids from Grays Harbor, that was us. 


The Buddy Holly Story referenced in KCGB the Book
 In 9th grade, my business math teacher introduced me to Charles Hardin Holley. He also DJ'd the dances back then and had extensive knowledge of music history. It made sense, considering my black-framed glasses. Dad gave us no other choice back then because they were cheap and plastic, inexpensive to replace when broken.