Jim, Jamie, James, Turk 

Our family has used nicknames for years, and our oldest brother Turk may have been the first when his classmates chased him home on Thanksgiving break because he ran like a Turkey. Somehow the name stuck and he has always been known as Turk. It was good to have a big brother around to look up to. 

KCGB the Book photo of Brother Turk and Brother Joey - My Dying Mom and Kurt Cobain.
When Turk turned 16, he became a massive help to Mom as he could now shuttle us around in the wagon or take us to the lake for a week and give Mom some peace at home. The wagon was passed on to each member of the family except Maria. By then, we had worn it out, and it was sold to Sideline Auto Wrecking for a few bucks. 
KCGB the Book photo of Chevy Kingswood Lime Green Station Wagon
Turk had moved out of the house when Kurt Cobain came around in 1986, but that did not mean we did not see him. I visited him often. By the summer of 1984, he would be essential in our life, as this would be when he celebrated his 21st birthday, and mom did what she always did, make a big sheet cake.  
KCGB the Book  Brother Turk celebrating his 21st birday.

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