Constable Huey

Huey and Kurt Cobain. 

The lovable mutt is the center of this story and plays several roles. He is just Huey, the family dog, named after Huey Lewis and the News, who were tearing up the billboard charts in 1984. Huey came to us that summer but not with permission from the parents. When the author moved out for a short spell, he brought the dog home with him, and that was that. One effort was to re-home the dog to a farm in Montesano, but he wore out his welcome and returned to the family house. You could usually find Huey on the back porch and present to observe all of the actions of this story. 


KCGB the Book photo Huey the family mutt, constable Huey Lewis and the News


Huey and Dad

Huey is an eyewitness to this story, as Dad claims that if Kurt had been sleeping in the basement, the dog would have gone nuts, alerting us to the intruder. He is sticking to this story to this day, even though evidence has been presented that Dad once found cigarette butts and a blanket that belonged to Kurt. As this story progresses, we have upgraded the family dog to Constable Huey - the family watchdog. Huey even posed for a glamour shot. 


Huey Lewis and the News KCGB Book The Boy From the Porch and My Dying Mom


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