Our Dad and Kurt Cobain 

Pops is one of my favorite characters in this memoir, partly because he helped the author write it with memories and corrections, often telling me what I could and could not share with the world. Here is a classic photo of Pops from the old days, when he was a handsome stud working as a caddie or at the local driving range. He does not remember much of this story, saying he does not believe Kurt Cobain stayed at our house in Aberdeen, Washington, in the summer of 1986.


To this day, Pops feels like we are making this story up, claiming that if Kurt Cobain had ever slept in our basement, Constable Huey, the watchdog, would have reported it. When presented with evidence, Old Timer, Spud, and Joy Scout all remember mom saying you found cigarette butts and a blanket that Kurt would have used. Yet he still swears to it, "Huey."  That is his story, and he is sticking to it. 

KCGB the Book photo Hulscher Boys Halloween McKinley House across from Sam Benn Park
Pops is a great Dad. I love my Dad. This is one of his favorite photos of his five boys, somewhere early in the '70s when we lived across from Sam Benn Park. We were fascinated with putting the "V" peace sign into photos; Turk even did it once in a school photo. If you look closely, every brother is making a peace sign. You can't see Old Timer's fingers in his army uniform get up, but I would put money on it. He is flashing the V.  


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