Brother Balboa - Terry - Terence 

Brother Balboa was a twin with the Old Timer, or early on they were Tim and Terry and really rubbed off on each other. They are the historians of the family use of the term "Donkey" as that is what they called each other instead of using their given names.  

KCGB the Book  Brother Balboa in his youth.
His twin gave me a tip on how to tell them apart in their baby pictures. I will let you have a shot at figuring out which is Tim and which is Terry. 
KCGB the Book photo of Tim and Terry  Old Timer and Balboa
Balbo was stationed in Germany in the summer of 1986 when Kurt Cobain came to the house, so he was nowhere near the action of this story but he is a central figure in all the other stories you are going to read about.  Thank you for your service. 
KCGB the Book photo Brother Balboa Unites States Army
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