Old Timer

My Brother Tim and Kurt Cobain. 

My Brother Tim, the one we call "Old Timer," had the most interactions with Kurt regarding telling the story of The Boy From the Porch and the initial conversations with mom that detail the story of My Dying Mom and Kurt Cobain. He ran into Kurt several times that summer and then again the following year in Downtown Aberdeen.  


KCGB the Book Old Timer submitting a draft Aberdeen Washington


This is the first time you have heard of this story because it has taken 30 years to get much of the detail out of my brother. The beginnings of this story date back to the summer of 1986 in Aberdeen, Washington. Getting Old Timer to respond to text and email resembles the young boy typing in the picture above. Kurt met Tim on the back porch, and a few days later, he returned and asked if we had a place he could stay. Old Timer asked Mom, and she gave the OK after initially telling him no. He had been shown how to sneak into the basement, and legends say Kurt used to break into a Timber Baron mansion to sleep. 
KCGB the Book  Old Timer and the Mayr Kid before going to a party to meet Kurt Cobain and hear his recent demo.
Later in the summer Old Timer and a family friend went for a drive and ended up at a party where Kurt was listening to a demo tape. It was fantastic to hear how Kurt spoke about meeting our mother and his respect when considering their conversation.  

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