Joy Scout

Joy Scout and The Boy From the Porch 

Ouy youngest sister Maria Joy Scout did not have any direct interaction with Kurt Cobain but was a central figure in family stories and became very interested when hearing the beginnings of the story in the mid-2000s. She remembered many discussions with her Mom that created valuable content for the memoir, including the difficult times we experienced after she died in 1997. This is one of my favorite pictures of us together, most likely from the St. Mary School Halloween party in 1978.

KCGB the Book, photo of Joy Scout Maria with the author St Mary School 1978.
Maria would be 13 years old when Kurt visited the house that summer in 1986, and one of the reasons Mom was reluctant to allow Kurt to spend the night. He was just another kid looking for help, a stranger to the family, and Mom would have preferred that Pops were there to meet him. She said yes anyway. Maria started taking drum lessons in 1987, and who knows, if she had met Kurt, she might have become a famous rock drummer, but as it is, she is a very accomplished jazz drummer. 

Maria Wulf 

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