Our Mom

Our Mother and Kurt

Mary Jo was the best Mother six kids could have asked for, dedicating her life to us while losing herself. From 1962 until 1979, the entirety of her life was spent raising her children and providing a stable home. As we found independence in our teens, she was freed up to pursue education and discover interests that gave her passion in life. She moved on from being our YMCA director of youth activities, taking on the role of mentor and spiritual advisor. You will be introduced to her life and the challenges she faced raising a house full of little donkeys. 


KCGB the Book - Photo of Mom graduating from GHC in 1987, one year after meeting Kurt Cobain.
GHC Graduation 1987.
Mom met Kurt Cobain in the summer of 1986 when he needed a place to stay. He recently spent a week in the Aberdeen City Jail and found himself disconnected from his mother and father. When they met, Mom agreed to allow him to sleep in the basement, but this was kept a secret and only known by her and my brother Tim, the brother we call "Old Timer."  His visit was insignificant at the time, just another boy needing help. 


Kurt and Mom  

Mom was diagnosed with Cancer just after the new year in January 1997. It was not good. Terminal lung cancer that had metastasized. She was faced with choosing chemo and radiation with all the side effects or seeking alternative medicine as treatment options. She chose the ladder. At the time, Mom and Dad did not share how bad it was with the family. The photo below is the last known picture taken with her sister Patty.


KCGB Book photo of Mom and sister Patty, last photo taken of them together before she died June 4, 1997.


Her body weakened, and she often found herself alone in her room. She had what some might call a "near-death experience"  when an unknown visitor called. Over time we learned this was Kurt Cobain, albeit three years after he had taken his own life. Depending on your belief system, you, the reader, will decide. Was this Kurt Cobain visiting our Mother in spirit, or did Mom pop a floppy disc into our old Commodore 64 and bring him back to life in her memories?  

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