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Kurt Cobain Book KCGB Mary Jo Hulscher My Dying Mom and Kurt Cobain
 Mom is the driving force behind this memoir and tells of her life growing up, meeting Dad, getting married, and starting a family. In the summer of 1986, she met a young boy who returned to visit her in the spring of 1997, the month before she died. Until her death, Mom had no idea that young man was Kurt Cobain. Click the link inserted in her photo for more about her story.   


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 In late spring 1986, Kurt Cobain spent a week in the Aberdeen City Jail. Upon his release, he found himself homeless, relying on friends for a place to stay. Couch surfing would be an excellent way to describe it. Later that summer, he was introduced to our mother on our front porch. At the time, Kurt was just a regular kid from Aberdeen who was down on his luck and looking for direction as a 19-year-old. He had yet to become the legend the world came to know five short years later.  


KCGB the Book Old Timer submitting a draft Aberdeen Washington

My brother, "Old Timer, "is a central figure in the telling of this memoir. He is one of two brothers who had interactions with Kurt in the summer of 1986 and with whom Mom shared the story of when he returned to visit her in the spring of 1997. There is more that my brother has to share, but it has taken years to share what we have today. 



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 Brother Spud also met Kurt in the summer of 1986, but like his brother, he never knew the guy who came over that day with his friend was Kurt Cobian. The brothers started to figure this out in 2002 and confirmed his identity in 2007 after remembering what Mom had to say just before she passed away. From there, the story started to take shape when they concluded the Boy From the Porch from 1986 was Kurt, but they did not understand how he returned to visit her in 1997. 


                      KCGB the Book  Huey the family dog  Huey Lewis and the News Constable Huey                       

Huey is an eyewitness to this story, with a front-row seat. Our Dad does not believe this story about Kurt is accurate and feels that our lovable family mutt would have sounded the alarm if a strange man was sleeping in our basement.