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The Meat Man is a repeating character in KCGB The Boy From the Porch, showing up at random times. He always knew when Mom was making Rocky's Pizza for dinner and told me stories of re-stocking the milk section at the local Swanson's only to have our Dad show up and empty the shelves of every carton of "Acidophilus Milk."  He also gave me a big tip that helped the book. You know  King played Little League with Kurt Cobain on the 1976 Elks team? No, Gibby, I did not.    


Brother Joey and The Meat Man


He is also responsible for putting the first dent in the side of the wagon, although we spun a tale to Dad about it being a hit-and-run in the local Swanson's parking lot. 



Chuck Gibson The Meat Man Gibson's Custom Meats


The Meat Man is the owner-operator of Gibson's Custom Meats in Lacey, Washington. You should stop by and say hello. If you bring a copy of the book, he will gladly autograph it for you, or he may have a special edition on the counter for sale.   


Charles and I would like to dedicate this book to all the mothers in our life. His mother, Shirley, was as much a mother to me as Mary Jo was to him. Some of our friends have also lost their mothers, Raj lost Phylis quite a while ago, and most recently, our friends at the Dunbar Sports Pub said goodbye to Sylvia. I expect many of you have also lost a mother. I think it is time to raise a glass to all the mothers in the world, we love you. 



Chuck Gibson  The Meat Man  Gibson's Custom Meats